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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Admissions Work?

Our goal during the mental or behavioral assessment process is for you to feel comfortable and be informed. After an initial phone call or visit to our office, our licensed professionals will ask you about the concerns you are currently having as well as questions about your past medical and psychiatric history. If applicable, any drug and/or alcohol abuse will be addressed as well. An assessment allows us to effectively evaluate how you are feeling emotionally and physically so that we may identify a program and services which best meet your needs. This assessment is not a psychiatric evaluation. Once the assessment is complete, results will be discussed with you and then a determination about what services would best fit your needs.


How Do I Schedule An Assessment? 

Call 702-439-7118, a member of our staff will be available to schedule your assessment. Our goal is to meet with you as soon as possible, and same-day assessments may be available.


How Long Do Assessments Take? 

Assessments varies, depending on your unique situation. In most cases you should expect an assessment to take 45-60 minutes.

How Long Is A Therapy Session? 

Therapy sessions vary, depending on your unique situation. In most cases you should expect a therapy session to take 45 - 60 minutes.  


Do You Offer Transportation? 

Yes, we have transportation to and from your home to our facility for your Assessment and/or Therapy sessions.


Do You Have Resources? 

Yes, we have many resources to provide to you and assist you with.  You may contact our office at 702-439-7118 to inquire.

What Insurances Do You Accept? 

We currently accept the insurances listed below. This list can change QUICKLY, so if you don't see your insurance company listed here, please call or message us! We might have added your insurance, have another solution to get you seen and feeling your best!
Nevada Medicaid, Silversummit, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, MGN, United HealthCare Group, Aetna, Teachers Health Trust, Nevada Victums of Crime, and Cigna.

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